Brother Benjamin

human priest


A man in his thirties, with dark hair beginning to gray at the temples, Brother Benjamin is no great warrior nor scholar, but he is a bit of a scrapper and is quarrelsome and very opinionated, especially when he has had a few drinks in him. it has earned him a few scars and a reputation, especially among the regulars who like to place bets on how long the peace will hold when the priest strikes up a conversation with a traveler.


Brother Benjamin is a priest, a zealous devotee of a local temple, who frequent the local inn. On good nights, he can be found sitting at his favorite table muttering into a cup of ale. Those are the good nights when the good clergyman has loosened the collar of his robes and settled for numbing intoxication to ease his devout, burning passion for his faith and his church. unfortunately good night are rare.

Despite his holier than thou attitude Brother Benjamin is known to fight fairly dirty in brawls and carries a broken chair leg that he more than earned in a nasty row a year or so back. Regulars know it is going to be a lively night when the priest sits the leg down on the bar and orders a drink with a scowl. More than one traveler has lost a fight and ended up offering a service to the local church in penance after waking up on the temple floor with bruises and only a vague memory of the brawl the night before.

Brother Benjamin considers it part of his duty, bringing the truth of faith to the lost, even if that truth comes after a solid thump to the head with a chair leg. After all , the righteous must use all means at their disposal to provide for their flock and spread the blessings of the faith, even to the unwilling … especially to the in willing.

Brother Benjamin

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