halfelf barmaid


The hint of her mixed elven and human blood shows in her slightly tapered ears, slight build, and fine features, making her a beauty in the eyes of most patrons, but a pariah to those she grew to adulthood around, never fitting in.


At first glance, Laelia might blend in with all the other barmaids of the Bloody Bucket, but it does not take long for newcomers to pick her out of the lot of them as she gives orders and watches over the other girls. She oversees the operation of the main room of the tavern, but that was not always her profession. As the stories go, she was once an accomplished thief, and it shows in her sharp-eyed watch on her girls and the patrons of the inn. Now she puts her skills to work watching for those who practice the profession she learned so long ago to survive as an abandoned waif on the streets of a city she would rather forget.

Consequently, she has a harsh attitude, quarrelsome nature, and a sharp tongue when the occasion calls for it. She has little patience or sympathy for those who steal for profit when she herself was forced to do so for simple survival, and her response is swift when a thief is caught preying on the patrons of the Bloody Bucket. She has been known to let a brawl go without any attempt to calm the room, but any violence against one of her girls is not tolerated. Her favored way to settle trouble is with the knife she keeps belted at her waist. Like the other barmaids, Laelia does not actually reside at the inn, and she does keep a small home in Three Rivers. However, most nights that the establishment is not entirely booked will find her taking a vacant bed for herself in the inn that is clearly more a home to her than any other place.


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